It was my 8th-grade history teacher, Mr. Danhausen, who started me on my life-long obsession with World War II.
It was my friend, Anthony Garrett, who provided me with a copy of his grandfather's journal.

Elwood Llewellin Garrett was an American businessman in Manila at the time of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.
This is his story, as he recorded it, of living under Japanese rule in an enemy-occupied foreign land.

April 11, 1942

Every day now seems to be the anniversary of something or other. Four months ago today was the last time we saw an American plane over these parts. What a grand and glorious feeling it will be the next time we see one. Some times I wonder.

The news has been bad for the past few days. Apparently there was something to the rumor of the 9th; that the Japs had broken through our Bataan lines for we have been getting in reports, supposedly from K.G.E.I. which confirms this. This Jap paper that we get in camp and is the only paper in Manila, carries large headlines that Bataan has fallen and they have taken many of our boys as prisoners. This is the worst news we have received since being in camp, and if I have said before that most of the people here had been down in the dumps, well, these past two days are indescribable. Lower than low.

There are two schools of thought in camp: the defeatist who believe that the U.S. has let the Philippines down miserably, and the born optimists who believe all these rumors are just poor propaganda designed to break our moral. There is much to be said on both sides and I'm not sure just on what side I should be classed. While I feel positive we are not licked by a heluva-long-shot, it is discouraging never to see or hear any of our planes over-head and always getting in bad news. At the same time we know that our own side is not beyond spreading propaganda too, because right up until January first when our forces retreated and left Manila, we were informed that our lines were holding and the situation was well in hand. I've given up trying to figure it out as long as I'm stuck in here and can not move. I try to take a little of each side as it suits my fancy and let it go at that. Todays supposed transcripts of K.G.E.I.'s last nights broadcast confirms the fall of Bataan while another says it is all false and that the other broadcast was from Japan and not K.G.E.I. Now you figure it out! In the meantime I'm just sitting here patiently waiting for something to happen.

I have just received word through a friend of mine who was out on a pass due to his mother passing away, that the Japs have not yet touched my apartment and everything is in tact. They have sealed the building so guess that means they are reserving this till a little later on when they have more time. They have taken over and are living in all the apartments with elevators; our building has none and I live on the top or fourth floor, which has probably kept them out. Am hoping the luck holds for awhile longer so that I may see my happy home once more for I have many little things there that I would like to save.

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